3rd Cultural Diversity, Migration, and Education Conference

August 25 – 27, 2021

***We’re going virtual!***

We’re going virtual!

***The new dates are August 25-27, 2021***

New submission date: June 15, 2021

Happily, we will have the same strong program of invited Keynotes and Panelists as they have already agreed to come back in 2021.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing you.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Cultural Diversity, Migration, and Education

Successfully addressing migration-related diversity in classrooms and schools is one of the most pressing issues that will increase in importance in the coming decades. Building evidence-based knowledge regarding how best to decrease educational disparities and increase chances for positive academic development for all children are necessary for a sustainable and successful society.

In July 2016 and August 2018, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), we successfully held two international conferences on this topic with attendees from 21 different countries. This year our theme is:

Social Belonging and Cohesion in Multicultural Schools and Societies

We know from various literatures that strong and positive connections to people and places are important for both those with and without immigration experiences. We will highlight how social belonging and cohesion can be promoted to support positive academic and socioemotional development in diverse classrooms.

The aim of our conference is to advance state-of-the-art research focusing on how cultural diversity and issues related to migration contribute to children’s educational experiences and adjustment.

By bringing together speakers and presenters from various disciplines, backgrounds, and countries who use both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and include diverse samples, we provide a unique and stimulating forum to inform and inspire new ideas and collaborations that will advance the field of migration and education further.

We welcome submissions from graduate students and professionals from across disciplines, including education, psychology, sociology, migration studies, and related fields.

We are looking forward to another stimulating conference!
Linda Juang, Maja K. Schachner, and the CDME Organizing Team:
Tuğçe Aral, David Kunyu, Hanna Löhmannsröben, Sharleen Pevec, Miriam Schwarzenthal & Lina Alhaddad

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Keynote Speakers and Spotlight Topic Panelists